About Rotacaster

Rotacaster Wheel Limited (based in New South Wales, Australia) was formed in 2005 to produce the Rotacaster, an innovative omni-directional wheel that is most comparable to a swivel castor..

The Rotacaster is the only multi-directional wheel technology developed primarily as an industrial and commercial floor wheel. The fixed orientation of it’s main wheel allows forward and reverse movement without fighting a swivel castor offset, while the peripheral rollers facilitate turning, rotational, lateral and diagonal movement. When navigating turns this also eliminates all skipping associated with fixed wheels. Key benefits include:

• 360º manoeuvrability without turning or swivelling wheels

• Better directional control and tracking

• Precise positioning without swivel offset correction

• No resistance due to misaligned swivel castors

• Minimal wheel space/housing requirements

• Simple mounting. Choose from forks, cups, channels and rails or stack on an axle to form a roller wheel


Castor Applications

The Rotacaster’s unlimited manoeuvrability makes it a real alternative to a swivel castor and brings a whole new dimension of possibility to the design and functionality of wheeled products...

• Stability. A static load centre relative to wheel base

• Load distribution. The ability to use multiple wheels without swivel offset resistance

• The ability to tilt or lever off the fixed wheel mounting

• Robust. The combined wheel frame and roller axles provide a web like structure with over-moulded rollers

• Tough. Made from engineering grade polymers

• Rust free. Full polymer construction with no steel pins

• Non marking polyurethane rollers

Conveying Applications

Rotacasters offer a superb solution for multi-directional conveyor and load transfer needs. Built to provide the robustness and ride quality of an industrial wheel, the patented full polymer construction and 360º manoeuvrability bring a new level of performance to conveyor transfer and inverted multi-directional motion applications. Simple mounting options and a range of hubs make them easy to adapt to existing systems, both passive and driven. Injection moulded cup mounts provide the perfect alternative to a ball transfer unit.

Different wheel diameters and durometers provide the choices needed to handle light, sensitive, unstructured or heavy duty industrial level loads. Compact size allows more wheels per m² and minimal spacing between adjacent rollers for:

• Greater load distribution

• Reduced soft surface indentation

• Ability to handle a greater range of surface profiles



As a complement to the omni-directional wheel, Rotacaster have developed a line of hand trucks, the Rotatruck, which provide improved manoeuvrability and require less effort than existing commercial grade products.

The Rotatruck is designed such that it will support its own load without the operator exerting any effort to balance or support the load.The application of Rotacasters on the self-supporting hand truck enables this functionality because of the unique Rotacaster design, which allows the truck to balance on four wheels without sacrificing range of motion or load stability. The Rotatruck is a commercial grade hand truck that requires less pull back effort, reduces operator fatigue, offers better durability and is priced comparably to the current industry standard.

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