Fabricated steel castors are suitable for the very heaviest duty applications. Single wheel series have carrying capacities of up to 7.5 tonnes per castor while twinwheel castors are rated at up to 20 tonnes each.


Welded steel construction, manufactured to the highest quality standards gives fabricated castors the strength to better withstand the rigours of shock loading and demanding applications such as power towing.

Swivel heads are manufactured from heavy steel forgings and incorporate precision machined ball races, ball journals or taper roller bearings for maximum manoeuvrability. Wheels are also fitted with either sealed ball journals or taper bearings resulting in smooth performance, low rolling resistance and minimal maintenance requirements.


Adaptations available with fabricated steel castors include wheel brakes, total stop brakes, footguards and directional locks for straight line travel.

Medium to Heavy Duty Fabricated Steel Castors

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Heavy Duty Fabricated Steel Castors

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