Sourced from the many of the world’s leading manufacturers including Flexello, Revvo, British Castors, LAG and Rhombus, and available in a vast range of sizes, fixings and wheel types, pressed steel castors are suitable for use in institutional, medical, shopfitting, display and general truck and trolley applications. Wheel diameters measure up to 200mm and load capacities range from 50kg to over 1,000kg per castor.

Wheel types include innovative and high quality materials such as elastic rubber, thermoplastics, soft polyurethane and nylon while popular choices include non-marking grey rubber tyres and economical polypropylene. Most commonly specified fixings are four hole top plate, single bolt hole and expanding adaptor for use on tubular equipment. Pressed steel castors are also offered with a number of options. These include wheel brakes, total stop brakes, alternative triangular top plates and the addition of chrome plating to any V70V series castor.

Pressed steel castors and castor wheels

Light Duty Castors

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